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Airies Creations LLC

Unparalleled Quality

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Airies Creations LLC

Airies Creations LLC, formally known as Airies Candles and Supplies, has been around since 2017. The beginning of how Airies Creations came to be, was simple. Most know small business owners have started out much like Airies Creations. The owner and founder of Airies Creations wanted to do something to fill in her free time and thus, started to make candles and then, later on much, much more.

Family and friends loved the scents of the candles and often would express how much better quality the product was compared to the store brands. It became quite clear that this was something that can be more than just a hobby. That this hobby had potential to be something great.

Airies Creations is still young in business years, but with hard work and local support, it will succeed!

We're motivated in 

"Making something beautiful one day at a time!"


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