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Coconut Bliss Cuticle Oil

Coconut Bliss Cuticle Oil

Handcrafted, hand poured all natural cuticle oil made with high end ingredients you can read! Used for dry cuticles! Make you manicures looking fresher longer! Natural ingredients promots natural nail growth!


    30 day-money back on items that are broken or you didn't receive the item that buyer paid for. Buyer must pay for shipping for item return. Once item is returned seller will ship new item.

    7 day exchanges on items of the wrong color or scent. Buyer must pay for shipping on returned item. Once item is received, then seller will ship a new item to buyer.


    Allow up to 2 business days for handling before shipment. Shipping is a flat fee of $5.00. Please allow 2-5 business days for shipment arrival. If you need something urgently, please message us directly about your inquiry. Thank you! 

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