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Pat Pattison Writing Better Lyrics Pdf Download margole




  Readers expect that you have the discipline and commitment to express your message in the most effective way possible. So, whenever you compose a lyric, it's essential that you have a clearly defined message and be absolutely sure that your lyric serves that message. It is vital that your lyric be backed by a philosophy. When writing lyrics, you need to be absolutely clear about your lyrical purpose. That is why you will need to have a concept and a philosophy to motivate your lyric. If your lyric is to express a particular message or viewpoint, your song lyrics need to be constructed according to your concept and philosophy. A writer must accept, "The devil made me do it." Yet, to compose an effective lyric, you need to be willing to create your own poem. So, to write a meaningful lyric, you must be prepared to write the poem that you believe best expresses your philosophy and your ideas. In this chapter, I will discuss the elements that I have found essential for creating an effective lyric. My philosophy of writing lyric is based upon a concept that I believe is worth exploring, because it helps you think about the mechanics of writing a meaningful lyric. The first step for writing a meaningful lyric is to define what you want your lyric to express. Let's go to the dictionary and look up the word "lyric." What comes up in the dictionary is a list of definitions. Lyric is defined as "poetry." You might ask yourself, "What is the difference between writing a poem and writing a lyric?" The difference is that, in a lyric, your words don't express anything; they convey a particular mood or emotion, which is not the case with a poem. A lyric tells you something about a particular experience or thought. In the next few pages, I will give you an introduction to the art of lyric writing. As we go through the following pages, I will examine what is the best way to express your thoughts and ideas through words. When you have completed this chapter, you will know how to write a lyric, and, more importantly, you will know what a lyric should express. Begin by jotting down what you want your lyric to convey. Ask yourself, "What do I want this lyric to tell me?" After completing your first draft, ask yourself some more questions. How did I define my song? What did I express? What did I use as a vehicle for expressing my point? Why did I write this lyric? You should keep asking yourself these questions as you




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Pat Pattison Writing Better Lyrics Pdf Download margole

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